Welcome Back (Fanny) Granny Pack

Fanny (granny) Packs walked onto the travel and fashion scene in the 1980s. Since that time, everybody from joggers to parents juggling kids have been seen sporting this waistline pack It’s been flaunted as the perfect bag, one that can transport keys, cell phones and anything else that would otherwise be held in your hands while you are doing the things that must be done. Fanny (granny) Packs come in a wide variety of styles into today’s marketplace they range from practical, shiny, and fashionable. Almost all top designers have fanny (granny) Pack in the line.

could otherwise occupy your palms as you’re walking round city or nature on foot. There are a wide range of fanny (granny) packs on the market nowadays — the entirety from practical bags to the extremely-glossy and fashionable can still be discovered many years later the waists of ladies and men alike.


Fanny (Granny) Pack History

Fanny (granny) Packs can be dated back 15th century French when they wore a small bag that hung from a belt called a chatelaine. Americans got addicted to convenient bags in the 1980’s, however they were only worn by misfits and people visiting theme parks or group tours. The fanny (granny) pack has been the butt of many jokes as depicted in the popular series “Seinfeld”.

Where Did The Name Come From

The term fanny (granny) pack was created because the bag was originally designed and worn around the waist in the back above the rear. In modern times the bags are worn slung to the side on a hip or clipped at the back or near the bag, and then worn directly in the middle of the waist.  They are also worn over the shoulder like a traditional purse or worn across the chest. In the United States the fanny (granny) pack is also known as belly bag, buffalo pouch, and belt pack.

Textiles and Designs

No one knows the original fanny (granny) pack creator.  However, since its inception many companies have added the fanny (granny) packs to stylish line of clothing.  Fanny (granny) packs can be found in Nike as well as Louis Vuitton and Gucci.  Many people including celebrities use this hands-unfastened pouch as a fashionable personality extension.

Is the Franny (Granny) Pack Here To Stay

In realty the Franny (Granny) pack never went away.  Mind you they were not as popular in the in the 90’s as there were in the 80’s.  With the dynamic shifting over to being more mobile and utilizing more technology and tools. The fanny (granny) pack allows for someone to have literally everything they need to survive and be comfortable right on the hip. The endless range of fashion providing boundless opportunities for customization, people really have the potential to still flaunt their own personal style. So, I think Franny (Granny) pack will be around for a while.

Although the Franny (Granny) pack have grown in popularity I personally can’t  see myself rocking one.  I still remember my mother wearing one at Disney World.  But I have always heard to never say never so I am going to say that if the right style and color comes along, I might indeed be rocking the Franny (Granny) pack

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