Convicted Felon Launches Successful Body Positive Clothing Brand

On this 29th day of October 2019.  I am feeling very optimistic about the things that are happing in my life.  I know you guys have missed me and I have missed you just as well.  However, I promise I won’t stay away that long anymore. 

If you guys have been wondering why I was missing in action and off the scene.   I was launching my clothing line.  I only have t-shirts right now, but women’s clothing will be added within the coming months. But you can visit my website at (  I have always had a B O S S mentality even when I was doing wrong.  I remember back in the days when I couldn’t earn a check, I would print checks and my friends would cash them and give me a portion of the money.  The checks were anywhere between two hundred dollars and four hundred dollars each; and my cut would be forty seven percent.  After all, they were the ones that was taking the risk, so they deserved more.  I think during that time I had anywhere between 15 to 20 people working.  You can do the math, on a good day I could go home with about three stacks.  However, that came to a halt once I was arrested and put in jail.  Most people would look at that as a major loss.  But I didn’t look at it as a loss; I viewed it as a LESSON learned.   The lessons I learned from that experience are immeasurable.

So how did a convicted felon become a successful entrepreneur and business owner.  Let’s dive into the back story of how all this got started.   However, I do want to give you a heads up on the release of my t-shirt course to come within the next few weeks.  So please keep in touch by following my blog and if you have topics you want to discuss please email me at and follow me on all my social platforms. 

After spending my Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and my mother’s birthday in jail.  I made up my mind, that would be the last time that I went to jail and as of today that still holds true.

  You see when you are incarcerated you have a lot of time to sit back, reflect and plan for the future.   You make all these plans while you are incarcerated and then upon release; bam!  Reality hits you right dap in your face.  While you are in jail you are in a controlled environment.  So, when you get out you are hit with a good dose of reality.  The things you thought about doing aren’t so easy to pull off for many different reasons.  Most of them you have no control over.  However, you cannot get deterred and you must move past those negative feelings and push forward.

For the sake of moving along and saving time; because time is our most precious resource.  I am going to give you a brief synopsis of the things that happened before A Taste of Mocha and Just Thick came to pass.

  • The first thing I did upon getting released from jail was connecting with the love of my life. Speaking of the love of my life, we spoke on the phone just the other night.  He was telling me a story that I did not remember.  He told me that when we reconnected, I only had sixty dollars to my name, and I split it with him.  That is what you call real love, giving someone, you love your last.   He then went on to remind me that the very next day our lives changed forever. Sometimes I don’t know if it was for the better or worse.  I just know now that I would have done some things different.   That next day he (we) came into some money to the tune of Forty-eight stacks.  For some of you who don’t know what forty-eight stacks is. Forty-eight stacks is the equivalent of forty eight thousand dollars.  During that time, we had very poor money management skills.  In fact, what does the bible say about fool and his money.   The bible says While a fool and his money are soon parted.  Which is exactly what happened, within a matter of months, we had gone through that money  


  • I moved back home because while I was in jail my mother was battling stage 5 lung cancer, so I wanted to be there with her during her last days. I still miss her to this day.
  • The love of my life went to prison.
  • I became deathly ill for a year suffering from depression and couldn’t do anything for myself.
  • The love of my life got out of prison and we reconnected and then we started living together in my home town because I wanted to be closer to my aging father.
  • I started back school and finally earned my degree in Business Management from South Georgia State College.
  • Me and the love of my life decided to call it quits. He went his way and I went mine, but we always stayed in contact with each other.

During a random conversation with my baby Just Thick was born.  I said something. To this day I don’t remember exactly what it is he said; I just know he said with your thick ass. I immediately got upset, because I thought he was making fun of my weight. Because as a child I was always teased about my weight.  But he told me to look up the meaning to thick in the Urban Dictionary.  I always talk smack about him about surfing the web, but he really put me on then.  According to the Urban Dictionary Thick  is “nice ass, nice legs, not skinny, with meat on your bonesthickness is the shit.  So, I was like I am rocking with that.  From that day on if someone would call me fat I would say “No I’m not fat, I’m Just Thick, it’s a difference.

The Just Thick brand is about positive body image and confidence.  Anyone can be Just Thick because Just Thick is not just a size it’s a MINDSET.  Confidence and self-love are the most important attributes which is where our tagline comes from.   Our brand is for all women no matter your size who has confidence and displays a BOSS MENTALITY!!!  Size is not a factor at all; in fact, most of our styles go up to a size 4X.   We are also in the process of adding clothing from sizes S-4X as well.

This body positive brand and company is the first of its kind especially its geographical location. Just Thick is about women empowerment no matter the size of your body.  Remember Just Thick is not just a size it’s a MINDSET.