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Forgive And Take Back Your Power

Can you imagine that everything is going well for you?  You have money in the bank, your love life is in a good space and you are feeling complete.  So, you go to check your bank account and you notice that $200 is missing and you are down to $86,200 in your account, and your goal is to always have $86,400 in your account at the close of each day.  What do you do at this point?  Do you spend the remaining money trying to find out who took your money and hold them responsible?  Of course not, after all it is only $200 which can’t be compared to the $86,200 you currently have in the bank.  However more security measures would have to be added to my account to ensure that does not happen again.

86,400 is a very important number because that is the number of seconds in one day. That is all the time we get.  The 10 seconds it took you to realize that your money was missing can be devastating and your entire day can be in shambles if you allow it.

When you allow someone or something to control how you feel, you become powerless.  Continuing to think about how someone can be inconsiderate, spiteful against you or an upsetting turn of events prevents you from focusing your energy into producing the life you have craved for and becoming the person you are intended to be. 

It is no secret that getting hurt is painful and can cause emotional and sometimes physical scars.  However, it is ultimately your decision on how long to let the feelings of hatred, grief, and resentment be a staple in your life.  Continuing to relive the pain or devastation only gives power to the person or thing who caused you pain.  However, in hindsight when you forgive them or that action.  You take back your power which is rightfully yours.

I am sure you have heard this at least a million times; but saying is one thing and doing is another. It has been proven time and time again that forgiveness gives you more than just a peace of mind. Forgiveness has also been known to lower the risk of heart attack as well as reducing pain.  There was actually a study taken about forgiveness.  The people that actually forgave or let go of the situation testified to having less anxiety, depression, and stress.  People who actually forgave had better nights rest and their sleep habits improved considerably.

The reasons listed above are very compelling reasons alone why forgiving is so important.  But with all jokes aside and let’s not talk about the proven data that was provided.  The simple truth is our lives are simply better when we forgive those who we feel have wronged us.  I know for myself I have the “let go and let God” mentality as I sometimes say, I am more pleasant when I let go of the frustrations and disappointments that can be associated with life in general. However, the deeper the wound the more difficult it becomes to put this into practice.  You can, and I know I often find myself replaying hurtful situations over and over in the back of my mind.

R.T. Kendall the Author of “Total Forgiveness”, has a famous quote.  He said “detached forgiveness—there is a reduction in negative feelings toward the offender, but no reconciliation takes place. Limited forgiveness—there is a reduction in negative feelings toward the offender, and the relationship is partially restored, though there is a decrease in the emotional intensity of the relationship. Full forgiveness—there is a total cessation of negative feelings toward the offender, and the relationship is fully restored.”  To be fully restored, renewed and take your power back you must have FULL forgiveness.

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