Do These 7 Things And He Will Be Eating Out Of Your Hands

Is flirting such a bad thing.  Over and over again, many people think that flirting is tricky and underhanded way to motivate someone else and get satisfaction from their interest with no intentions of actually wanting to have sex with them. It would appear that a manipulative guarantee of sexual love that the end result leaves the person dazed and confused.

Being flirtatious is something that you need to be very careful with.  If you are to flirtatious you can be perceived as being desperate or some would even say thirsty.  If you are shy or seemed to be unconcerned you are viewed as being rude or boujee as some would say.  In full transparency, I think I fall under the first one.  I am definitely not thirsty, but I am for sure assertive and tend to go after what I want.  My friends tell me all the time that I am somewhat aggressive and that I should sit back and wait.  But I am definitely a boss and waiting for something to happen is not in my DNA.  In fact, here something you can learn about me (Imani).  I think time is very important and I don’t like to waste it.

Since I transitioned flirting for me has become effortless, but I am certain some people find in frustrating. Flirting for does not consist of me throwing myself at men but more about the slight gestures that you do which make a man want you and to also let him know that you are indeed interested.

The harsh reality is that men love women that can flirt back and they find it incredibly attractive.  It is almost erotic to them.  Flirting to men is just as important as the act of seduction. Men get the same satisfaction from women flirting with them as women get when I man tries to impress and charm her.

To be successful at flirting you must confident in your approach, after all, everybody loves confidence. Have you heard the term less is more?  In flirting less in more.  If you are flirting correctly you don’t have to make the first move.  Just let the other person know that you’re warm and friendly and they will know that you’re open to some flirting.

Have a nice smile and be warm and approachable will take you far.  Someone that is happy and has a positive outlook on life is appealing.  Having a nice smile and laughing at corny jokes is even better.  If the jokes are indeed corny you don’t want to across as arrogant rude or pass judgment on the person you want to flirt with you.  No one likes a snooty, stuck up B*&%!

Always be courteous and show gratitude to be person that you are flirting with.  Just like you like it when someone in complimenting you, the person that is complimenting likes to be complimented as well. Continues compliments make the flirting more exciting and hella fun.  I think it is kinda fun being complimented continuously (even if it is a damn lie).  But on a more serious note, if you like something about the person you are talking to you should tell him.  Please do not be afraid to let him know that you think they awesome in return they will more than likely tell you how awesome you are.

Eye to eye connection is an incredible trigger of adoration and warmth. When you look at somebody legitimately without flinching, their body creates a substance called phenylethylamine that may make the individual feel the affection. In the event that you need to make somebody experience passionate feelings for you, one of the primary things you need to do is to is gaze deep into their eyes.

A man has a weakness for a woman that is feminine and flirtatious. Once you have his attention it is now your time to shine.  This may be difficult to some women, however if you practice you will become a master at flirting (like me). It will only take.  Simply put in a few minutes a day in front of a mirror each day and work on your looks and mannerisms. Figure out how to utilize your eyes and your outward appearances to use to your advantage.  If done the right way no words will be needed to proceed further. You will be surprised that this actually works.  If you don’t believe me, just try or you can make references to great actresses like Marylyn Monroe and how her career evolved because of her feminine and flirtatious ways.

Harmlessly teasing and flirting with a man by constantly complimenting him and putting him on a pedestal is not a good decision.  You are telling him how great he is can will go to his head and he will start taking you for granted or worse start believing what you are telling him is actually true. Teasing him and not letting him get every once and while is healthy for the relationship for two reasons.   This will remind him that you are no easy to get and also, he will work harder to please you and give you what you want.  In my eyes, it is a win, win.  You win because you may get gifts or whatever you want, and he wins because he has the opportunity to show that he is indeed THE MAN!

Everyone loves to be touched.  However, man love touching more than women.  I don’t mean to touch someone on the sexual manner.  But I soft touch on the shoulder or arms can warm up things a little more.  I have found that when I am flirting with someone that I really like, I like to squeeze their biceps.  Because I am an arm girl, I tend to gravitate towards the arms. If you are a chest girl (or boy) you can softly put your hand on his.  If you’re butt girl, I think you should not grab someone’s butt until you actually get to know them.

Being genuine is a great trait to have all together.  This trait is especially important when it comes to flirting with someone.  Unless you are some twisted like me you should not flirt with someone if you are genuinely interested in them.  Most men not all, in general are very shy and timid.  It does not matter how attractive a man is that is just their nature. Please keep in mind that when I man is talking/flirting with you, he is really trying to get to know you.  Getting to know him on deeper and more intellectual level requires you to ask him more questions and be concerned in whatever it is he is telling you.

To flirt effectively, you need to approach it with a mentality that says you can do this. Does this mean you will be successful every time you try?  Obviously, not yet what it will do is enable you to analyze what you did when it didn’t work versus what you did when it did. We gain from our blunders in all aspects of our lives so apply a similar rule when you are flirting. You need to recall that being a flirt is tied in with having a great attitude and you CAN do it. In the event that despite everything you dread dismissal you need to figure out how to conquer that dread or you won’t appreciate the sweet taste of success.

To be a successful flirt you have to approach it with a mindset that says you can’t fail. Does this mean you will be successful every time? Of course, not but what it will do is allow you to analyses the times it didn’t work and adjust your style accordingly. You have to remember that flirting is about having the right attitude, if you believe it you can do it. If you still feel like you might be rejected remember fear is “the feeling of what could or could not happen” and you can overcome that fear, or you will not enjoy the sweet taste of success.

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